Video Marketing

Video is a powerful tool to have in your marketing kit; it’s eye-catching, engaging and can work across all of your digital platforms, but it has to be done right. That’s where we come in!

Video Marketing

Video is a powerful tool to have in your marketing kit; it’s eye-catching, engaging and can work across all of your digital platforms, but it has to be done right. That’s where we come in!

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is about building and creating repetitive engagement with clients and customers to bring in business from online video. It should be an essential part of your businesses marketing as you grow your visibility online. 

Facts about video marketing

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A video on your landing page boosts conversion by up to 80%.

70% of Marketing Professional report that video converts better than other medium.

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92% of Mobile viewers share videos with others.

The Number of internet users watching videos online is over 100 million and growing.

73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after a watching a video.

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51% of Marketing professionals name video as the type of content with the best return on investment ROI.

Digital Marketing for the new Age

Do I Really Need Video Marketing?

To put it simply, yes.

Video can be used to introduce your business, showcase your team, services, and your products. This is especially true for explainer videos, which enable your potential customers to understand:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why you do it

Videos for every part of your business can create enormous engagement that can lead to increased sales.

How does it Help?

Whether you’re looking to attract new customers/clients to your brand or keep the attention of your existing customer base – creating an awareness stage video is the number one thing you need in your arsenal.

If you want to engage your audience, you’ll want to have a consideration stage video.

If you’re close to closing the sale and need to nurture your prospects from that point, your focus should be creating a decision stage video.

Videos are also helpful for engaging those who have already purchased from you, or for an internal video to help motivate your team/recruit new employees.

Story Driven Content Marketing

Building A Compelling Narrative

Like every great story, the most effective content marketing has three main features: A powerful “plot”, strong characters, and a sense of action and resolution.

We turn your marketing material into a captivating story, incorporating your ideal customer and your brand into the story as personas. This enables you to empathetically engage in valuable dialogue with your customers by giving you some much needed insight into their thoughts.

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Strategize, Retarget, Engage

Building a Video Marketing Strategy

Every business with digital media needs a video marketing strategy – it is essential for growing your business.
Here, we have a 3-step process that starts with your Marketing goals.


The first step in our process for creating your video strategy is: Outlining your video’s goals.

Ideally, you’ll want to create a video for every stage of your marketing funnel, but initially, you’ll have to decide which stage is the most important to target.

We ask relevant questions, like:

  • What are your goals?
  • Who is your target market?
  • How many videos are needed?
  • When are the videos going to be released?
  • What kind of content do you want in your videos?

Figure out what story you want to tell.

From there, we build the blueprint for a fool-proof and future proof strategy that will boost your ROI and customers.

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Our second step is the most exciting part: Creating the videos, the production.

We keep our production within a clearly defined schedule and budget while keeping creative requirements in line with the marketing strategy you have created.

We then ensure the videos are in the right format for the places where they will be released.


The third and final step is Strategic Release.

It might seem that once your video is done, the work is over – but that’s far from the case.

Once your video has been made, that’s when the important work starts, releasing the video at precisely the right time.

Random video releases don’t work for brands that are not already well established.

Working with our marketing partners, we ensure your videos are released at the best possible time to truly build a connection with your audience.

And what’s more!

We make sure that all our content and strategies are tailor made for the platforms your audience are on.

Retargeting and Continued Engagement

Video marketing isn’t a one hit wonder – and you shouldn’t be either.

It takes time and effort to generate the kind of success you aspire to, and we help you get there with a stream of content available for your audience to tune in to.

But the work’s not over yet. After you build up your content base and consistently post, it’s all about retargeting the audience with new and even more content that leads them to your website, landing page, or marketing material.

Our help spans several strategic pillars, and we work with you on a monthly retainer basis to create the right content that works.

With so much content making you visible, the final goal is achieving your returns.

Using your marketing material to sell you, will have clients lining up to buy your product or service.

The hard work is already done, your customers know you, your services and they trust you to help them.

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