Video Production

Our core product is video production.   From corporate films and weddings to advertisements and music videos, we can transform your initial concept from idea to film.


Corporate Films

Cardrews Media creates stunning, innovative videos and films especially designed to showcase your brand and engage with your clients. Put simply, our key focus is to let your customers know who you are and what you stand for.


We know that advertisements have to earn their keep so we produce powerful, memorable marketing tools that reach customers at home, in the office, on computers, tablets and mobiles, TV and radio.


Music Videos

Whatever the genre, our music videos are energetic, compelling and dynamic. So whether your taste lies with jazz, rock, soul, classical, hip-hop or pop, our filming pulsates with rhythm and style.


Events and Concerts

Whatever the event, if you are organising conferences, exhibitions, award presentations, concerts, entertainments, music festivals, or  country shows you want to capture the highlights and record them for posterity.  We provide the complete package with on-site multi-camera set-ups, camera crews and technicians.



We know that wedding memories are precious and treasured forever. Our videos are sensitively and beautifully shot, preserving formal and informal moments for your children and grandchildren to enjoy in the years to come.


Information Videos

If you need a video that provides clear explanations or guidance then look no further.   Whether you wish to equip patients with accurate information concerning their illness and treatment, supply employees with Health and Safety regulations or a training film, make a public announcement or communicate information of any kind, then Cardrews Media can more than fulfil your requirements.

Audio Production


There are times when sound is king. So if you need interviews, audio for movies, post audio design, background music, announcements for speaker systems, theatre or entertainment audio or any manner of sound tracks, call us for expert advice.


Voice Overs

We hold an ongoing database of actors who can provide voiceovers for advertisements, animations, radio, promotional trailers and a whole host of other genres. Whether you want Scottish or American twang, tones that are warm and friendly, authoritative and powerful, rich and deep or cool and crisp, we can find the right person for you and then produce your voice over recordings, mixed with music and sound design.


Radio Adverts

Starting with the initial concept, we guide you through the consultation, scripting, casting, recording and editing stages and then present you with the finished product, complete with carefully selected background music and sound effects.



We know that you want your podcasts to be both informative and entertaining so we help you select a suitable topic, create lively discussions awash with natural conversation, record them and then upload the results to the internet.


Narration Tracks

Documentaries, however well filmed, don’t stand alone. They need a narrative for the audience to fully appreciate the content. We can help you script and record tracks ideal for museums, art galleries, nature trails, the National Trust and similar organisations.

Our Best Customers


Rob was an absolute joy to work with. He really took the time to listen in order to deliver what we, the client, really wanted - whilst ensuring that the viewing experience is kept front of mind. He has been really great to offer skill and experience during edit and has been fantastic at giving us input to this.  The "final cut" is a great blend of expertise and flexibility - For the camera shy he made the whole experience enjoyable, relaxing and fun. I would be thrilled to recommend Rob!

Laura Parry

St Kentigerns Fund Raising Manager

I have to say filming the FSB charity golf day was great fun with you. During the day I was busy sorting out different things, but this didn’t stop you doing what needed to be done. We were all really happy with the video and hope that it helps us in future with the event. You were professional and thorough with your work. I would recommend your services. Thanks again Rob.

Shaun Roberts

Managing Director at Creative Catalysts